About CPOA

CPOA was formed in 1962 by a group of Big Sur citizens to provide the community a voice in issues affecting the area. CPOA continues to actively fill this role.

Over the years, CPOA has participated in development of several iterations of the Monterey County General Plan, the Big Sur segment of the California Coastal Plan, Coast Highway Management Plan, and various other public and private initiatives related to land use, water, Highway 1, and more.

Membership, Programs, and Volunteers

Membership in CPOA is open to all residents and property owners in Monterey County's Big Sur Planning Area (from Mal Paso Creek on the north to the San Luis Obispo County line on the south) as well as to friends of the Big Sur community. Please visit our membership information to find out more about the different levels of membership and how to become a member and supporter of CPOA.

Your support of CPOA is very important. We are actively represented by volunteer members in the following areas: Monterey County's General Plan Update, Coast Highway Management Plan, Los Padres Forest Plan, California Coastal Commission Periodic Review, and Education through periodic general meetings. Please visit our programs page to find out more about the specific programs that we support. Check out our volunteers information if you want to find out how you can contribute with your knowledge and energy.

If you are not a resident or property owner in Big Sur, but you visit and love this area, your support is also needed. We have learned over the years that the majority of travelers want the visitor experience to remain as it is. Big Sur is one of the few places of its kind where visitors are free to discover and explore on their own.

Yet there is constant pressure to initiate programs that would change this. Our hope is that this web site will enable us to organize your support and provide a voice for Big Sur residents, friends, and property owners.

CPOA planning meetings are generally held on the first Tuesday of each month. Please check out our calendar to find out the specific dates, locations, and times. Everybody is welcome to participate in the planning meetings.


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