CPOA initiatives are driven by committees made up of volunteer residents, property owners and friends of Big Sur. If you are interested in participating on an active committee or have an issue you would like to see addressed through the formation of a new committee, please contact CPOA Webmaster or contact the committee chair (see below).

Existing Committees:

Land Use Committee:

  - Read and analyze land use policy documents pertaining to Big Sur and surrounding areas as applicable; discuss observations with committee; generate written CPOA response.
  - Represent CPOA on land use related committees and boards as appropriate, e.g., CHMP, Refinement Group, etc.
  - As a representative of CPOA, attend land use related meetings and processes, e.g. Monterey County General Plan Update hearings, Coast Highway Management Plan meetings, Los Padres National Forest Plan, California Coastal Commission hearings, etc.
Current Committee Needs:  
  - Need volunteers willing to be part of citizen discussion group on issues raised in the various land use documents in order to help focus CPOA's outreach to the community.
Contact: Land Use Committee Chair  
More Information: Highway Management Plan, Monterey County General Plan Update  


Education and PR Committee:

  - Develop and organize general meeting speaker events to provide education on critical issues of interest to the community.
  - Provide articles for our newsletter.
  - Participate in Documentary Project as organizer, researcher, etc.
  - Help produce community alerts and mail outs
Contact: Education and PR Committee Chair  


Web Committee:

  - Maintain Web presence
  - Make this Web site a repository for the Big Sur community
  - Make this Web site an interactive tool for the Big Sur community, including bulletin boards and polling
Contact: Web Committee Chair  


Board Nominating Committee:

  - Develop strategic approach for yearly board selection and implement recruitment
  - Review CPOA mission statement to assure that organization is meeting its goals
Contact: Board Nominating Committee Chair  


Members Committee:

  - Maintain member list, member database, and e-mail distribution list
  - Organize phone tree
  - Organize membership drives
Contact: Members Committee Chair  



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