General Meeting October 6th 2003

One hundred plus members of the Big Sur community gathered to participate in CPOA's October General Meeting. The Big Sur Bakery, compliments of Mike Gilson, provided excellent drinks and food prior to the meeting. We started promptly at 6:00pm with a brief announcement by Mary Ann Jardine, CPOA's outgoing President, describing the CPOA board of director's slate and reminding everyone to sign up for membership and vote.

Candidates for BOS for 5th District, Dave Potter, Susan Goldbeck and Elizabeth, representative from Steve Collins campaign, shared withy the community their positions on the issues.

A roundtable discussion with Jim Burling of Pacific Legal Foundation and Lee Otter, staffer with the California Coastal Commission discussed the following points:

  • Lee described the Coastal Commission: how it is organized; how powers are distributed between staff and the commissions; when does the Commission get involved at the local level.
  • Jim Burling provided a brief update of the "Marine Forest" case. Lee Otter did not comment as he is not involved in this case.
  • Jim and Lee discussed what would be appropriate powers for the CCC should the courts decide that it is unconstitutional in its current form.
  • Critical View shed, ESHA and planned retreat from the ocean, a recommendation from staff to Monterey County to be included in the GPU, were briefly discussed by Jim, Lee, and the audience.

The meeting adjourned at 8:10pm.

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