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If you own land within the boundaries of the Monterey Peninsula REgional Park District, which includes much of Big Sur, you have received a ballot from the District requesting your vote on a parcel assessment.

CPOA strongly recommends you vote NO on this measure.

The District obtained support for the measure from groups that would ordinarily be opposed by assuring them that the money would only be used for maintenance of existing parklands, not acquisition of more land. However, the ballot booklet and recent comment by the District indicate the money would likely be used to enable ongoing acquisition of land.

The District has proposed a 5,000 acre regional park in the Palo Colorado Canyon area. They have already acquired over 1,300 acres, including four homes (they call this the Mill Creek Preserve).

If you look on a map that shows the remaining private land in the Big Sur planning area, you will see that the Mill Creek Preserve is in the midst of what was the largest area of remaining private land ownership in Big Sur aside from the El Sur Ranch (though rapidly shrinking between acquisitions by the District and the Forest Service).

The District also intends to buy more of the Palo Corona Ranch. About 5,000 acres of the Palo Corona is in the Big SUr planning area.

If the assessment is approved, Big Sur landowners may be forced to help pay for dismantling of the Big Sur community.

If you have already voted and would like to change your vote, phone (831) 372-3196 to request a replacement ballot. Ballots must be received by the District on or before July 12, 2004 or they will not count.

Please contact other landowners in the District and request that they also vote NO.


Mike Caplin, President

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