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CPOA Newsletter September 2003


CPOA's Annual General Meeting

CPOA announces our annual meeting at the Grange. Residents and Property Owners in Big Sur are invited to attend this evening of information sharing. The Big Sur Bakery will provide food and drink from 5PM till 6PM prior to the presentation. Please be our guest and join us to meet the presenters and your neighbors for casual discussion.

When: Monday, October 6, 2003  
Time: 5PM till 6PM Food & Drink  
  6PM till 8PM Presentation  
Where: Big Sur Grange Hall (west off Highway 1 at south end of JuanHigueraBridge)  


  • Sign up for members and voting
  • Special presentation by Jim Burling of the Pacific Legal Foundation and Lee Otter of the Coastal Commission with discussion on Coastal Commission processes, policies and the "Marine Forest" court case update with a focus on impacts to Big Sur
  • Meet fifth-district candidates for the Board of Supervisors

Important Multi-Agency Advisory Council Meeting --- This Friday

The Big Multi-Agency Advisory Council meeting this Friday September 26, 2003 will be significant for the future of Big Sur. The meeting will be in the Conference Room at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park at 10:00 AM and we encourage all residents and property owners to attend.

It is important that Big Sur be heard on the following two agenda items:

  • Coast Highway Management Plan (CHMP) being written by CalTrans
  • Monterey County General Plan Update

The Coast Highway Management Plan

The CHMP is important because it will become the guiding document for a new organization (yet to be formed) that will administer the Big Sur All American Road, part of the federal Scenic Byways program. The Big Sur All American Road runs from the Carmel River to a few miles south of the San Luis Obispo County line.

The Big Sur community has asked for changes to the draft CHMP in written testimony. However, CalTrans appears unwilling to comply. CalTrans has indicated they will not include in the CHMP:

  • That residents of the areas through which the Big Sur All American Road passes will comprise a majority of the governing body of the new organization.
  • That language related to government acquisition of private land and funding for such acquisitions be deleted from the CHMP.
  • That the width of the All American Road aesthetic corridor not exceed 400 feet.
  • That the CHMP state that visitation to the area will not be encouraged as the Highway is already near or over capacity at Level of Service C.
  • That the CHMP include language to ensure that the present informal visitor experience will not be formalized with visitor information centers, interpretive displays, etc., and that the present informal pullouts will be retained as the preferred means for visitors to stop and enjoy the scenery.
  • That the CHMP state that any bicycle facilities constructed will not reduce the carrying capacity of Highway 1 for cars.
  • That the CHMP acknowledge that Monterey County's critical policy applies to CalTransprojects.

The September 26 meeting is Big Sur's last chance to convince CalTrans to include these changes in the CHMP. Please let them know what you think.

The Monterey County General Plan Update

Monterey County is updating its General Plan. The GPU will replace the Big Sur Coast Land Use Plan as the planning document controlling land use in Big in Big Sur.

General Plan staff has been meeting with the Big Sur and South Coast Land Use Advisory Committees to review GPU policies that affect Big Sur. Staff has been outstanding, however, more time is needed to complete the job.

Moreover, some policies proposed by the Land Use Advisory Committees were rejected without sufficient replacement. For example, policies intended to slow the buyout of private land were rejected by the County.

We owe Supervisor Potter a rousing thank you for directing GPU staff to work with our Land Use Advisory Committees. We need to ask him to allow the process to continue so the job may be completed.

Help Us Keep You Informed

If you send your email address to charly@kleissner.com, we can better inform you on issues affecting Big Sur.


See you at the annual meeting on October 6th!


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