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To attempt to describe the weather in Big Sur is almost as futile as trying to get 30 residents to agree on, well anything in Big Sur. There are few if any generalizations that work when it comes to the weather at any given minute. The weather conditions at any given moment can vary greatly between locations less than a half mile apart. Those of us who live full time in Big Sur know that the weather forecast from NWS is of almost no benefit. Sure, it can provide some broad information, but as far as things such as the high and low temperatures, sky conditions and other immediate concerns, it offers little in the way of useful information. For the weather service to accurately portray and predict the weather in Big Sur, they would need to put in place hundreds of monitoring stations and nearly as many forecasters. We in effect would need our own personal weather forecaster for each ridge, mountain and valley. Perhaps it is because of this that many locals find the weather to be such an interesting topic. Outside of my home state of Minnesota, I have found no other place where I can talk about the weather with so many well informed people as here in Big Sur. Another reason may well be the profound effect weather has on our lives. While for the urbanites and suburbanites, rain storms are rarely more than something that change plans for an afternoon. Here in Big Sur, a rain storm potentially can mean the changing of plans for the next few weeks or even months due to roads being washed out or cover by slides. I have been lucky enough in my life to have experienced first hand a tornado, a hurricane, blizzards, a storm of the "century," and yet none of these compare with the intensity of winter storms on the Big Sur coast.

Since this site is primarily one for coast property owners, an over view of the seasons and similar such broad information would seem hardly necessary. We all know that summer is foggy, fall is usually hotter than summer, and that it typically does not rain between May and October. And that come November, one's pantry better contain enough emergency supplies to last a good two or three weeks. Instead, I would like to encourage others in the community who share an interest in the weather and especially those who keep weather information to share that here. Wouldn't it be cool if we had a repository of weather data and stories from and about Big Sur! Here is what I propose, if you have any historical weather data, weather stories or other such information, please send it to me at I will in turn take your information and post it here on this page. I also plan to post rain totals for individual storms this coming rainy season and hope others will send their storm totals. If we have enough data, maps of the area with specific storm and season totals will be created here. In the next few weeks I will update this page with some historical weather data, mainly from Mudd Ranch. So watch the sections below for new links and I hope you will share your weather related stories and data.

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