The following three projects are currently being pursued by CPOA. If you are interested in participating in any of these projects, please contact Lisa Kleissner.
Video Documentation Big Sur Documentary CPOA General Meeting
In the spirit of capturing an accurate record of events in our community as reference and learning tool, Jules Hart of Eye Goddess Productions has been filming Big Sur public meetings and workshops since last summer. Her project began with capturing the "Buyout" meeting sponsored by Dave Potter last summer and has included video documenting LUAC meetings with GPU staff from August through September as well as CPOA's General Meeting in October of 2003. Jules is currently focusing on the Periodic Review hearings. VHS formatted tapes of these meetings will be made available through the Big Sur Library. A small group of CPOA members is currently pursuing the filming of a documentary on land use planning in Monterey County. The purpose of the documentary is to capture - in real time - members of the community as they interact with the public process concerning the General Plan Update. By interviewing individuals, we hope to explore the various perspectives and challenges faced by residents, policy makers and the like. We also are creating a tool that will help broaden and deepen understanding of the many complex issues driving land use planning in our county.

CPOA's documentary committee is developing this project with the help of a team of film professionals: Jules Hart (Video Documentation), Marla Young (Writer), and Steve Rosen and Terri DeBono of Mac and Ava Motion Picture Productions.

The CPOA General Meeting Program Committee is responsible for identifying current issues of broad community interest and organizing a speaker forum to bring fresh and diverse perspectives to the residents of Big Sur. CPOA believes that through education and discussion, our community will remain vital and engaged in the public process for the benefit of residents and property owners.

General Meetings occur on an as needed basis and are typically held on a Monday at the Grange Hall.

If you are interested in participating, or have a recommendation for a topic or speaker, please contact Lisa Kleissner.

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